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Louise Holland, (C. Psychol., AFBPsS)louise_holland

Louise Holland, Child Analyst and Psychotherapist, writes ”My experience suggests that in the presence of a trained and experienced facilitator like Ms. Quien, children can access and over time process both non-verbal and pre-verbal material …”

colleen_mclaughlinColleen McLaughlin, B.Ed, M.Ed , M.A. (Cantab)

Colleen McLaughlin from the Cambridge Institute of Education at Cambridge University writes ”… the emphasis in much of recent education is highly assessment oriented and there is a need to counterbalance this …. I know that the use of art as a mode of expression …. is getting much attention”.

janusDr. L. Janus, Heidelberg, GermanyJanus_german

Dr. L. Janus is President of International Association of Pre-, Peri- and Postnatal Psychology and Medicine Heidelberg. He writes, “Creative Expression Art’ as practiced by Rhea Quien enables … preverbal expression.”

susiekershawSusie Kershaw, Coach and Focaliser

Susie Kershaw explored creativity and chaos in her paintings. “Joyful, fulfilling, relaxing. An experience, which enables me to contact and dialogue with intuitive parts of me …”

annwaltonAnn Walton, Polarity Therapist and Counsellor

Ann Walton painted for many years and also took the full, one year part-time training. ”All my studio experiences have had a profound effect on me, and I don’t know how I would have managed my life at times without … “

father_nigelNigel, father to two daughters

Nigel, father to two young girls aged 5 and 8 who were going through a turbulent time at home writes “… those classes had an astonishingly therapeutic effect on them … I was baffled by the means, but dazzled by the results”.

afronmonroAfron Monro, Midwife

Afron Monro recalls her experience painting as a child in the studio, and its lasting effect. “As a child, I painted my spirit in that safe place …”

annacrutchleyAnna , Crutchley, Art Teacher

Anna Crutchley found her own creativity anew in the studio. “Rhea’s classes were pivotal in letting me express my own creativity …”


Gosia confesses, “… what developed in your studio (by your I mean the space, the colour, your guidance) has had a profound effect on my life”.